July 7:           Executive Board Meeting

August 4:     Executive Board Meeting 

August 26:      Popsicles on the Playground

August 30:   Big School Cleaning

September 1:   Executive Board Meeting      

September 6:   Labor Day 

September 7:   2-Day Orientation                                                    Calendar Notes:

September 8:   3-Day Orientation                                                  * Italics - no classes on these days

September 8: All Parent Meeting 7 pm                                          * Executive Board Meetings are held at 7 pm

September 9:   First Full day for 2-Day Class                                in the “fishbowl” room at the rec department 

September 10:   First Full day for 3-Day Class                              or via Zoom.

                                                                                                          * All Parent Meetings are held at the

October 6:      Executive Board Meeting                                         Gorham Recreation Center or via Zoom    

October 11:   Indigenous People’s Day                                        *Tuition is due the 1st of every month

October 12:   Teacher Inservice                                                      (September’s tuition can be brought to orientation)

October 23:   Pumpkin Painting


November 3:   Executive Board Meeting

November 9:   1st Day of Alumni Enrollment for 2022-2023

November 11:   Veteran’s Day 

November 18:   Parent/Teacher Conferences 

November 19:   Parent/Teacher Conferences 

November 24-26:   Thanksgiving Break 

December 1:   Executive Board Meeting

December 7:   1st Day of Open Enrollment for 2022-2023

Dec 23-Jan 2:   Holiday Break 

January 5:   Executive Board Meeting 

January 17:   Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

February 2:   Executive Board Meeting

February 9:   All Parent Meeting 7pm

February 21-25:    Winter Vacation 

March 2:   Executive Board Meeting

March 14: Teacher Inservice 

April 6:     Executive Board Meeting

April 14:     Parent/teacher Conferences

April 15:   Parent/teacher Conferences

April 9:   Easter Egg Hunt

April 18-22:   Spring Vacation

April 27:   All Parent Meeting 7 pm - Voting for 2022-2023 Executive Board 

May 4:   Executive Board Meeting

May 31:     Memorial Day


June 1:   Executive Board Meeting

June 15:   Last day for 3-Day class

June 16:     Last Day for 2-Day class

June 17:   Graduation for 3-Day class