At Gorham Cooperative Preschool, we believe it is our responsibility to provide multifaceted opportunities for preschoolers to explore, experiment and grow in a safe, nurturing and age appropriate arena.  Our program is committed to:

  • Helping children develop & maintain a positive self-image
  • Fostering, stimulating & encouraging each child's physical, intellectual, emotional & social growth, including gross & fine motor skills, perceptual & sensorimotor abilities, cognitive language, basic concepts & cooperative, socio-dynamic & "games with rules" play.
  • Providing an environment where children can be active learners, make decision, accept responsibility for their actions & understand limits
  • Encouraging children to solve both individually and as a group.
  • Providing a stimulating environment that helps children develop a love of learning.

Looking at the Week Ahead

"Looking at the Week Ahead" is emailed weekly for families to feel prepared for the upcoming week or to steer the conversation when you're looking to talk with your preschooler!  Here is an example of a typical week:

Looking at the Week Ahead

Last week of Dinosaurs and Letter P

Circle Time:  At circle time this week we will be learning about the letter P.  Miss Christy and I will point out that P is made by using one long line and one small curve.  We will practice making the P sound, thinking of words that begin with P as well as writing P's with our magic writing fingers.  Don't forget to bring something for our Letter P board.  We will be wrapping up our Dinosaur unit this week too.  Miss Christy and I will be talking to our friends about what they learned as well as reviewing the important things we talked about.


*Students will recognize the letter P and be able to produce its sound
*Students will review facts they have learned about dinosaurs.
*Students will complete the KWL (Know/Want to Learn/Learned) Book they started at the beginning of our Dinosaur unit. 
*Students will participate in Pajama Day!


Finish KWL Dinosaur Book:  Students will finish KWL Book.  They will use crayons to draw a picture of something they learned while studying dinosaurs.  If we are unsuccessful getting our pals to finish this book at school we will send it home for them to work on.

Dinosaur Snouts

A meat eating dinosaur snout that they may wear in a Dinosaur Parade on Pajama Day.
Paint a Plump Pink or Purple Pig


Handwriting Without Tears
Make the skeleton of Parasauralophus: Parasauralophus.


Pajama Days!!  Students may wear their pajamas (only if they want to) and bring their pillows and blankies to school for some letter P fun!  We will have several letter P activities to choose from; we will eat popcorn and Popsicles, have a Pajama Parade and watch a movie.  This is one of our favorite days of the year!  

If you have any questions regarding our upcoming week, please let us know.
Take Care!
Miss Karen