Parent Responsibilities

  • Elect an executive board.  Each family is entitled to one vote regardless of the number of children enrolled.
  • Participate as a “parent helper” on assigned days for each child enrolled.  This is approximately once a month.
  • Attend all 3 parent meeting held throughout the school year.  Attendance is mandatory.
  • Hold a minimum of one position as either an executive board member or a committee member.
  • Provide transportation to and from school and field trips.
  • Participate in all official school fundraisers.
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement and criminal disclosure statement.
  • Satisfy all financial responsibilities.
  • Provide up to date immunization records or exemption form for your child.
  • Inform teachers of any allergy or infectious disease information.
  • Conduct themselves in a professional and rational manner during any preschool connections.
  • Be familiar with GCP Bylaws and contents of Parent Handbook.
  • Voice any issues or concerns to an executive board member.



Parents on this committee will help organize and run the fundraisers (please note that all families participate in fundraisers).  A background in marketing, business, or sales is helpful for this committee.  However, if you are comfortable networking within our community and have lots of friends/family, this is the job for you!  Grant writing is also done by this committee.

Parents on this committee are responsible for a thorough, weekly cleaning of the classroom and other school property as needed, on a rotating basis.  Each family will be assigned to weekend cleaning of the classroom about once every 5-7 weeks.  Each family will also be responsible for specific cleaning projects during their assigned weekend.  Cleaning products and a detailed checklist will be supplied.

Parents on this committee will create a photo yearbook on for each student in their class.  Parents will be given the option to purchase their child’s completed photo book at the end of the school term.  Committee members will be responsible for taking photos of each child during special days of the year, i.e first day of school, holiday parties, and field trips.  Attendance at preschool events in order to take photos is necessary.  Other activities may include assisting parents in uploading their pictures to the chosen website (Shutterfly) and emailing completed photobooks to each family for purchase at the end of the year.

Parents on this committee will assist the preschool in the general maintenance of the building.  Projects may include replacing lighting when necessary, assorted building projects that may arise and general fixes.  Winter snow assistance is crucial and time specific (as we need to keep our heater vents clear of snow and maintain a safe outside play area for the children).  Possible jobs include snow removal, indoor maintenance, outdoor maintenance, and Fall/Spring landscaping.

Parents on this committee will assist with in-school and out-of-school event coordinating.  Activities include organizing monthly GCP family playdates, “day out with Dad,” field day, graduation and planning educational events for parents.  This committee builds our school’s community spirit!  Possible jobs include clothing orders, Memorial Day Parade float and planning parties.


Parents on this committee will assist with getting the word out about the school. Whether it be devising new ads for newspapers or getting promotional hand-outs printed and distributed, this committee helps make sure GCP gets promoted as widely as possible.